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Film Wash – Film Grain Vol. 3 | Film Wash by Curious Turtle

Film Wash – Film Grain Vol. 3


Film Grain Vol. 3
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Film Wash – Film Grain Vol. 3


Film Wash – Film Grain Vol. 3 is a set of twelve “clean film grain” plates from real film stocks to add natural, organic-looking film grain in your NLE, color grading or compositing application.

See “Additional Information” below for list of Film Stocks.

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Film Grain Vol.3 is a collection of twelve film grains created to give you that real cinematic film grain look to your footage. Suitable for Final Cut, Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer or any NLE or compositing application that supports Composite or Blend modes. Film Grain Vol. 3 can easily be used in grading or compositing apps such as DaVinci Resolve or Adobe After Effects.

Film grain adds an organic warmth and feel to sometimes too sharp or flat digital formats. It is also a little secret that adding grain can help break up compression artefacting when compressing your finished film.

Real Content – Cut the Rendering Time

Film Wash Film Grain is not a plug-in. It is media. You simply add it to your timeline above your other footage, set the Blend or Composite mode to a suitable setting (usually Overlay or Soft Light) and you’re done.  You can easily mix back the opacity if it is too strong or add another layer or more contrast, if you need a bigger kick!

Clean Film Grain

Adding grain is a finishing touch. You don’t want to do anything else to your image at this stage, especially if you have spent hours or days color grading.  That’s why we call Film Wash Film Grain “clean film grain”. It is sampled from real film stock to give all the characteristics of the grain and subtle variations in the film, without greatly changing the color or brightness of your film. This gives you all the power!

Film Wash Film Grain Demo 3

What Resolution Do You Need?

Film Grain Vol. 3 is available in 4K, 2k or 1080P HD. Using 4K grain plates on HD or 2K footage, gives you even more options over grain density.

See sample here

All files are delivered in 10-bit Quicktime Apple ProRes 422 (LT) @25fps. This gives the best trade-off between maintaining quality and keeping a manageable filesize for this huge collection.

Want to change the framerate? See our simple guide here. Need the Apple ProRes codecs for Windows? Download them free here.



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Watch the demo video - Film Grain Vol. 3

Be sure to enable HD quality in the viewer!


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Film Grain Vol. 3

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