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Film Wash Color Effects Vol. 3 | Film Wash by Curious Turtle

Film Wash Color Effects Vol. 3


Film Wash Color Effects Vol. 3
Film Wash Color Effects Demo 3

Film Wash Color Effects Vol. 3


Film Wash Color Effects is a collection of presets or Powergrades that quickly add various film looks or commercial color grades to your footage.

Vol. 3 is available for Adobe After Effects and Apple Color.

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Available for Adobe After Effects & Apple Color

Film Wash Color Effects is a set of filters designed with one purpose – to take your footage from the ordinary to the unique.  We’re not talking about regular, simple color correction presets  – Film Wash works in specific ways to give your project a deep, textured rinse.

Ready for Action – A Source of Inspiration

Film Wash works great to create a consistent look.  All you have to do is get your primary balance right.

If you’re happy using your normal color correction tools that’s great.  The nature of Film Wash means it acts as a perfect supplement to your current tools.  That’s how we use it too!  All the Film Wash grades have been used across various projects – clients are amazed at how quickly their footage takes on a different mood and character.

Film Wash Color Effects Demo 3

Resolution and Format Independent

Whatever you shoot on, you can get the benefit of Film Wash.

Film Wash for Apple Color uses only the ColorFX room, so you can grade secure in the knowledge that the rest of your work won’t be affected. All the Washes remain customizable, making it a snap to dial in your perfect color grade.

Film Wash for Adobe After Effects is best applied to adjustment layers.  This makes is so easy to mix the effect in to the perfect strength. Plus bonus filters. The price of similar plug-ins that create these extra effects stretches into hundreds of dollars. And you get them free with Film Wash for After Effects Vol.3. That’s cool, right?

What You Get

  • Over 39 Powergrades (Reds, Magentas, Blues, Cyans, Greens, Yellows, Oranges, B&W sets)
  • (After Effects only) Power Vignettes, Film Simulation (Film Damage, Fast Grain, Scratches, Flicker, Gate Weave, Film Warper, Highlight Bloom), Skyline Enhance
  • Video tutorials
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Reds,  Magentas,  Blues,  Cyans, Greens, Yellows,  Oranges, B&W



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