Film Wash Color Effects for Resolve – Advanced Usage

The real power of Film Wash comes when you start to blend multiple looks together

Preview the effect and apply

Basic Usage Film Wash Color Effects for Resolve - 1

Double-click on any clip in the Stills or Powergrade gallery. This will display the clip as a Wipe in the Viewer. You may need to Toggle Wipe Type to display a suitable split.

Find a look you feel is suitable and apply it either to the Clip or to the Track. Refer to Basic Usage for full explanation.

Add Further Washes

Advanced Usage Film Wash Color Effects for Resolve - 1

Repeat the previous step using the Append Node Graph to add the next effect.

Adjust the Gain on each main node to complete the effect. The key nodes to adjust appear fainter than the other nodes and the Gain is always set to 0.5 by default.

Getting the Best Out of Your Film Wash

A good standard workflow Film Wash is:
i) Do primary color correction on all your clips, so that they are balanced.
ii) Experiment with Film Wash on a single clip.
iii) If you have made a blended custom Wash, then save that to a Stills bin.
iv) Apply your final Wash to the Track. Refer to Basic Usage for full instructions on this.

Have fun and experiment. Resolve processes in floating point math, so you don’t have to worry about blowing out white or black values midway through the node graph. If your footage is ever over- or underexposed because of a grade, you can always use a corrector to bring the levels back in.

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